Celebrating 30 years of supporting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to attain a satisfying lifestyle.
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Independent Living Services
CP is now offering Independent Living Skills (ILS) Services to children and adults living in Ramsey,Washington, and Hennepin counties.

For more information about CCP’s Independent Living Skills Services contact John Rentschler at 651-503-8618 or by email at jrentschler@theccpinc.com.

Who uses ILS Services: 
People needing support with mental health, chronic illnesses, or physical or mental disabilities and want to gain more independence in their lives.

Some of the areas we offer training and assistance in:
    • Self care skills, physical health and mobility
    • Managing mental health challenges
    • Coping with upsetting situations, conflict resolution
    • Socializing, making friends, building positive relationships
    • Developing communications skills
    • Thinking through decisions, prioritizing
    • Using neighborhood resources
    • Transportation - using public transportation, and transporting
    • Household management and routines
    • Budgeting

We support individuals in skill development as well as identifying and maximizing their existing strengths.

Hours of Services: We are flexible and work with each individual to develop a schedule of support. Services may be offered during the weekdays, evenings or on the weekends.
ILS Services are paid for through the CADI waiver.