Celebrating 30 years of supporting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to attain a satisfying lifestyle.
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Home Based Supports
Home Based Support is an option available for people with disabilities who desire a residential setting that has staff support. For information or to schedule a visit Click Here to email John Rentschler or call him at 651-503-8618.

CCP offers different types of housing and support options to consider. We offer services in apartments, condos, four bedroom homes, and wheelchair accessible homes. Rather than try to fit you into models that we develop; we listen and then try to help you find a home that fits you. We have developed more than seven alternatives to traditional group homes and we’re trying to find more every day. These Supported Living Services are available in Ramsey, Hennepin, and Washington Counties.

Because each person's support needs are different, staff supervision is flexible and ranges from 24 hour supervision (including asleep or awake overnight staff) to support in hourly increments through In–Home services. Direct Support Professionals may assist with household management, using community resources, social skills, activities of daily living, money management, recreation, communication, health and wellness and other areas requested.

Services are typically paid for through one of the Home and Community Based waivers including the Developmental Disabilities (DD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), and Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI) waivers.

In-Home Supports
In-Home Support is available to children and adults with disabilities. With this service we bring Direct Support Professionals into your home. We recognize that you and your family are unique. CCP will work with you and your family in hiring staff, setting schedules, and in setting the focus of our support. We listen, and try to provide the support that you and your family need.

At CCP, it’s your life, so we do things your way! We work with you to support the lifestyle you dream of achieving. If we don’t have a housing or support option that fits your lifestyle, CCP can work with you to develop a new one. 

"A Home Of Their Own"


"Thanks for working with my mom to help me get out of the hosptial. Renee and Stephanie who work at the house are are both nice and helpful." CCP Home Based Supports Customer

"Thank you for making such a wonderful home for Bekah." Parent and Special Education Teacher

"The CCP staff are great! They sure are pleasant to work with! We are blessed." Terri, Parent

" Abbey has just been a godsend, with losing my husband last year Abbey has made everything so much easier for me." Parent


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