Celebrating 30 years of supporting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to attain a satisfying lifestyle.
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Employee News 

Find out about career opportunities and open positions within CCP, click on the link below and check back regularly for new postings. Career Opportunities

Current Employees interested in changing their
work assignment, complete an Assignment Change Request.

Current Employees interested in applying for a new position, complete a New Position Request.
Looking for activities?

Music in St. Paul Parks www.stpaul.gov                        
Music in the Parks kicks off on May 13th, 2012 and performances continue until September 2nd, 2012. All performances are free except for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening theater style musicals
at Como Lakeside Pavilion in July and August.

Partners in Policymaking
Applications are due July 20th for the next Partners in Policymaking class that starts in September.
Here is a link to the application and more
Partners in Policy Making Registration


The Employee Desk website has been
updated. Your user name is now your
8 digit CCP Employee ID. Your password is still the same as before the update.

Regarding Changes to your Direct Deposit:

If you are making changes to your bank account information, all changes need to be made on Monday prior to Friday’s payday. If changes are made after, funds will be deposited into the current account on file. If you have questions please contact Sarah Swenson at 651-379-9719 or by e-mailing sswenson@theccpinc.com.

CCP Employee Desk

CCP Email

Attention: The Credit Card Website has changed from MasterCard to ComData.

Bank Of America

Updated Policies & Procedures

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My Bright Idea

Bright Idea – Thank you Nasha Jordan for your “Bright Idea” to help CCP become more environmentally friendly! Nasha will be receiving a $50 bonus for her submittal!

My Bright Idea: Do you have an idea about how to solve a problem, increase efficiency, or improve services for the people we serve? If so click on "My Bright Idea" and submit your idea!

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The Bob Gienger Award was given to Darlene Haugen this year. The award is named after a longtime CCP employee who was a jack of all trades and a humble person that brought a lot of heart and soul to all he did. Bob passed away in 2007. He was dedicated and despite his illness came to work until he couldn’t any longer. The staff that are chosen for the Bob Gienger award are people that possess some of the positive qualities that Bob had. Like Bob, they are dedicated, quietly and constantly working to make positive things happen for people.


Spot On Award

This months Spot On Award goes to Zachary Dawson! 

“I nominated Zach Dawson as the July "Spot On Award" winner for his excellent person centered work.  We have been working hard to help a man who is near and dear to us to have a life that is his life, his way and that is also safe and healthy for him.  This gentleman craves support that is respectful and that appreciates that gifts that he has to offer and Zach has done an exceptional job of making a difference in his life.  It's truly wonderful to see someone so new to our company who really "gets it!

-John Rentschler, Executive Director


Employees of the Month
Leah Ruetten Floater North Loop
Lisa Martin DSPN2 Non Profit
Nana Koffi Floater Cassady
Erica Moore DSP Trad-Supports
Molly Butler DSP South Loop



Jessica Dale is also the winner of the quarterly kudos drawing. Congratulations