Celebrating over 30 years of supporting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to attain a satisfying lifestyle.
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About Us
For over thirty years, CCP (The Cooperating Community Programs) has been working with people with disabilities to create satisfying lifestyles. We realize each person has different lifestyle wants and needs which is why we have a variety of support services. Whether it is finding a place to call home, learning to live more independently, gaining new job skills, using neighborhood resources, making social connections, or increasing health and wellness, CCP can help. At CCP we respect and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of each person. We strive to be flexible and to challenge service supports to grow with the people we serve.

Winter Fun in the Twin Cities

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“Thank you CCP & all your staff for your willingness to work out of the box!!” Jody.Kougl-Lindstrom, Ramsey County

"Thank you for making such a wonderful home for Bekah."
Parent and Special Education Teacher