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CDCS Options

In choosing an option under CDCS, individuals decide how much responsibility they want to take on and how much they want CCP to do. With each option, CCP will work with as a partner in understanding and managing the details.

Individuals who choose the CDCS option select an FSE provider and then choose to manage their resources and employees utilizing one of the three service options below. These three options offer the individual a range of involvement and responsibility.

What are the three options?

Agency With Choice

Under the AWC Option, CCP will act as the employer while you manage the day-to-day activities of your staff. You are responsible for selecting staff, and we will set them up as employees, manage their payroll, and manage their employee file. Under this option, we will take care of processing background criminal checks that all employees must pass. This model is ideal for people who do not want the additional responsibility of being the employer

Payroll Model

With the Payroll Model, we will assist you by setting you up as the employer. CCP will act on your behalf for withholding, filing and paying taxes, administering payroll, processing employee related invoices, and other employer related functions. You will submit expenses and timecards, and we will issue reimbursements and payroll.

Fiscal Conduit

You assume the most responsibility with this option. You are the employer, and are responsible for managing payroll, tax withholding, and supervision of staff. You simply submit an invoice to us for reimbursement of expenses and payroll. This model is ideal for people who are comfortable managing payroll and related tax activities.