Celebrating 30 years of supporting individuals with disabilities in their efforts to attain a satisfying lifestyle.
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Case Management
Hola, Hello, Nyob Zoo! Cooperating Community Programs (CCP) provides case management services to support individuals in their goal of living in the community as independently as possible. We specialize in supporting people from diverse cultural backgrounds. For more information, please contact Laurie Tazelaar-Williams at (952) 746-4530 x302 or by email at LTazelaar-Williams@theccpinc.com

Our case management team works directly with individuals to assist in the navigation process of an ever changing system. The CCP team provides information and advocacy in accessing a variety of service options and providers within each individual's community and works closely with them to ensure their satisfaction.

Case Management services are available to Ramsey and Hennepin county residents; who receive funding through Medical Assistance, Home and Community Based Waivers including Developmental Disabilities (DD), Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Community Alternatives for Disabled Individuals (CADI), and the Elderly Waiver (EW).

"My case manager has been so respectful and understanding with our needs. She doesn’t make me feel embarrassed about my disabilities, I feel I can talk to her about everything."

"My case manager is an excellent, caring, professional, and an efficient worker. She is the best!"

"El servicio ha sido muy bueno."

"Due to various circumstances we all deal with in this business, I really needed someone’s help. I emailed/called Kady Steger and she has been VERY helpful. She returned my email right away and gave me the updates that I needed. Furthermore, today (5:18pm!) she continued to update me on her progress as each of these issues are quickly being resolved."
Tyler Langenfeld, Customized Support Manager